Gene Haas: Philanthropic Efforts

Gene Haas Charitable Giving

gene-haas-charitable-givingGene Haas established the Gene Haas Foundation in 1999 as an official commitment to corporate social responsibility. The Gene Haas Foundation supports local, state, and international communities through grants to charities, non-profit organizations, and other humanitarian foundations. Since its inception, the Gene Haas Foundation has awarded in excess of $8.5 million dollars to more than 800 organizations – for everything from emergency care and education, to food and shelter.

Under the direction of Gene Haas, the Foundation places a strong emphasis on programs that feed and shelter families in need, improve the lives of children, and offer education opportunities. Since 1999, the Gene Haas Foundation has contributed to such notable organizations as the YMCA, the United Way, the Salvation Army, the Boys and Girls Club of America, Food Share, the National Breast Cancer Foundation, the American Red Cross, and more than 800 others.

More recently, the Gene Haas Foundation has turned its attention to international disaster relief, and presented the American Red Cross with a grant to assist the victims of the earthquake in Haiti.

Gene Haas is also a firm believer in education, and the Gene Haas Foundation supports a variety of programs – particularly in the technical and engineering fields – at schools, colleges, and universities worldwide, including Ranken Technical College, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, and his alma mater, California State University, Northridge. Additionally, the Gene Haas Foundation has provided grants and scholarships for the American Association of University Women, the NAACP, The Society of Manufacturing Engineers Education Foundation, and many more.

Charitable Giving of Stewart-Haas Racing

As co-owner of the successful Stewart-Haas Racing team, Gene Haas also extends his humanitarian efforts into the world of NASCAR.

Mr. Haas and Tony Stewart donate race memorabilia and items used in races – which are highly prized by collectors and race fans – to a number of charities. The sale, auction, or raffle of these items generates funds for organizations that support youth programs, the environment, wildlife conservation, disaster relief efforts, injured motorsport driver foundations, and numerous other humanitarian efforts. These charitable efforts serve the community beyond the racetrack.